New item: [1781- Voyage pittoresque de la Grèce] Vue-du-Port-et-de-la-Citadelle-de-Boudroun

New item: [Maps]1717-Trojan-War

New Album: Constantinople

Added a new dynamic album called "Constantinople". This album pulls maps and prints of the city and displays it in a single place. As new maps and prints are added to the website, this album will be automatically updated. Check back often for new items. 

Google Maps

Testing new features such as Google Maps. Works only with few images right now. If you like to try it, go to the Maps album and try the Google Maps link at the bottom. Click on one of the markers to see the map linked to that marker. There are a few prints on the albums with location information as well. Let's see if you can find them.

If you have located the position of or if you'd like to request location information on any of the maps or prints, please use the Contact form. 

Website has been redesigned

The site has been refreshed with new content and addition of news and articles about cartographers, engravers, artists and publishers involved in producing the beautiful works that you see in these pages.