1561 - Ptolemy/Ruscelli - Europæ Tabula IX

1561 - Ptolemy/Ruscelli - Europæ Tabula IX

1561 Ptolemy/Ruscelli Map: Europæ Tabula IX

The map comes from Ruscelli's 'Ptolemaeus La Geographia' which published new (Tabula Nova) maps along with Ptolemy's originals.
The map is from the 1561 first edition of the atlas, published in Venice.

This wood block printed Ptolemaic map is one of earliest printed representation of south eastern Europe and Balkan countries including Byzantium. The Danube river flows across the region from west to east. Byzantium, soon to be Constantinople, is marked on the Bosphorus between the Black and Aegean Seas.

Outline hand coloring. 

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