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1836 - Syria, The Holy Land, Asia Minor

Written by John Carne with illustrations by Bartlett. Published by Fisher Sons & Co. London. Paris and America. c.1836
This was published in 3 volumes, each with its own Vignette Title page, 2 maps & 117 plates. The illustrations are by the renowned William Henry BARTLETT, Thomas ALLOM, William PURSER and others. Finely engraved onto steel plates, they depict views throughout Syria and Asia Minor.
The author, John Carne, left England in 1821, and spent much time traveling in Israel/Palestine as well as in Constantinople, Greece, the Levant and Egypt. It is one of the few works of that time to include what is present-day Lebanon. The book, with plates was published some time after Carne returned to England, initially in thirty parts of four plates each. This formed the 1st part of Fisher's series 'Turkish Empire Illustrated'. Many of the plates in vol. 3 are after drawings by Thomas Allom who was commissioned by the publishers to complete the illustrations.

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