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1817 - Atlas des promenades pittoresques dans Constantinople et sur les rives du Bosphore (Charles Pertusier)

Paris: P. Didot l'ainé for H. Nicolle, 1817.
Published by PERTUSIER, Charles de (1779-1836)
After PRÉAULT, Michel-François.

Pertusier's Promenades pittoresques dans Constantinople was issued in three octavo volumes in 1815, and the Atlas was published to accompany it two years later. The plates are after Préault, 'an architect who had travelled to Constantinople in 1796 with a French company of engineers engaged to construct new army and navy barracks... The drawings he produced for Pertusier, engraved by Piringer, are among his finest' according to Blackmer.

Atabey 941; Blackmer 1292;

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